35th Infantry Division Decals (Company B)

35th Infantry Division Decals (Company B)


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Waterslide transfer sheet including 27 Stars & Stripes patches, 90 Divisional patches, and 76 rank insignia. The sheet measures approximately 7 x 3.75cm.

Apply stars and stripes on the right shoulder, division patch on the left, and rank insignia below these on both arms. Wikipedia has a useful article describing rank insignia: Rank insignia 1942-.

The 35th "Santa Fe" Division landed in Normandy in July, 1944, playing a key role in the taking of Saint-Lô and further operations in the Battle of Normandy. It fought at Bastogne and in the Netherlands, and crossed the Rhine in early March, 1945. Here's a good link: 35th Infantry. The divisional insignia is the Santa Fe cross which was adopted the nascent division's units trained for WWI in the area of the old Santa Fe trail.