Airborne Helmet Insignia

Airborne Helmet Insignia


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Waterslide transfer sheet including 36 each of Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds Squares, Triangles and Circles. The sheet measures approximately 7 x 3.75cm.

Distinctive insignia of the 101st Airborne Division, each regiment was allocated a playing card suit: Diamonds for 501st, Hearts for 502nd, Spades for 506th, Clubs for the 327th Glider Infantry. The position of the "tic" around the insignia denotes the battalion: HQ was at 12 o'clock, 1st Bn at 3 o'clock, 2d battalion at 6 o'clock, and 3rd Bn at the 9 o'clock position. The chosen symbol should be applied to both sides of the helmet.

Squares were used for Divisional HQ, Triangles for Anti-tank/Anti-aircraft battalions and Circles for Artillery.

A good website describing helmet insignia in detail meay be found here: Link.