LRDG Jeep with Crew (Company B)

LRDG Jeep with Crew (Company B)


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The Long Range Desert Group (originally Long Range Patrol) was formed in Egypt in 1940 and initially comprised mailnly New Zealand volunteers. It was tasked with reconnaissance behind enemy lines and often assisted with covert operations. Perhaps its most vital role was the monitoring and reporting of enemy movements and compositions. The LRDG numbered around 350 and performed operations in Greece, Italy and the Balkans before its disbanding in 1945.

For information on the LRDG, check out which has a nice photo section and some good tips for books and web histories. This site - - has all the above plus a nice study on vehicles of the LRDG.

1:56 of the Willy's Jeep LRDG/SAS for the desert variant of the SAS/LRDG jeep.

Comes with:
Driver and Passenger
Unique LRDG desert Variant Stowage
• Hood mounted fuel cans
• Rear Quad Jerry Can set
Multiple Weapon Stations
• Twin Vickers X2
• .50cal
• .30cal
• Lewis Gun
Stowage set (8 pieces)


This resin and metal model is incredibly detailed and comes with accessories - stowage and multiple weapons - and two crew. Weight 120g for postage purposes. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges. Painted photo copyright Company B.