Danish Infantry Colours - Full Set (AK Interactive)

Danish Infantry Colours - Full Set (AK Interactive)

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18ml AK Interactive Figure Series Paints x 12

• AK11437 British Uniform Base: Uniform

• AK3083 British Uniform Shade: Uniform

• AK11360 NATO Black: Belts, boots, pouches, M1910 black greatcoat

• AK11408 Dot44 Brown Base : Water bottle

• AK11310 RAL 6003 OLIVGRÜN OPT.2: Gasmask cannister

• AK11438 British Uniform Light: Gasmask cannister strap

• AK11110 Brown Leather: Rifle sling

• AK3116 Green Uniform Shade: Helmet 

• AK11407 Black Uniform Base: M1910 black greatcoat highlights

• AK11426 Grey Blue: M1915 uniform

• AK3144 Dark Grey: M1915 uniform shade

• AK11331 Braun: Motorcyclists' Boiler Suit




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