British Airborne Platoon

British Airborne Platoon

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“In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard.”

SS Obergruppenführer Bittrich on British paratroopers at Arnhem.

Named as “Die Röte Teufeln” – “The Red Devils” – by their German counterparts in North Africa, the British paratroopers were amongst the best soldiers of the British Army. They fought with great distinction throughout the war, from North Africa to Normandy, Arnhem and the Rhine, and won a reputation for courage and élan that was surpassed by none. This box contains 24 detailed Artizan Designs miniatures, enabling you to field a platoon command and two infantry sections, the basic structure of a British Airborne platoon in Rules of Engagement. These 28mm metal miniatures include 11 riflemen, 2 Bren gunners, 7 submachine gunners, and 4 command figures. The variants of miniatures will be as described but the actual figures may vary from those illustrated.