Erin: Teenage Elf Archer - Bad Squiddo

Erin: Teenage Elf Archer - Bad Squiddo


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Still in training, Erin is not quite yet ready, much to her frustration. "But I never miss!" She exclaims. "To win, there is more than to hit", the elders respond. As far as she is concerned, she is better than any of those old fusties, and hey, if that door was left open by accident, well I guess she just went on a accident.

Erin was rescued from the sculpt pile of prolific sculptor Sylvain Quirion. One of his earlier works, Annie from Bad Squiddo took a shine to her, and decided she needed to see the gaming table. She is given a stunning paint job by Mr Paul Cubbin.

Scalewise, though listed as 28mm, she is a teenager and still has some growing to do, so she is more of a 25mm figure. Perfectly usable with your collection as people are different heights, but just be aware she is a bit of a shorty.


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