Olive Ogre Crone - Bad Squiddo

Olive Ogre Crone - Bad Squiddo


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The range of female ogres produced here at Bad Squiddo Games are a quest to introduce…well.. more female ogres,but also to give them a bit more depth and dignity than they usually get.

Olive is usually found wandering around mumbling. If you approach her, it may evolve into a tut or sigh. Only on a bad day though, on a good day though she’ll invite you in for some delicious rat tail stew.

She comes with an additional cleaver hand.

She is sculpted by Phil Hynes and cast in high quality resin. The scale is 28mm, but being an ogre, she is much bigger!

Olive measures 45mm to the eyes, 55mm to the top of the head.



Weighs 120g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.