Rae: Female Orc Archer - Bad Squiddo

Rae: Female Orc Archer - Bad Squiddo


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Meet Rae, an orc archer. Myself & sculptor Phil Hynes are working together to make a series of strong female orcs that are simply “cool” , not gross or comedy (a common pitfall for many non human or larger size miniatures).

Rae is not your average “bow legend”, in fact, for a long long time, she sucked. Rae comes from a line of famous marksmen and women, but from the first time she picked up the bow, she just couldn’t get the hang of it.

A laughing stock in all the archery classes, she tried all the different sizes of bows, and even the crossbow, but she just couldn’t get the knack. Without the bulk to be a close combat fighter, lack of magical intuition and too honest to try thievery, a trip to the front line was looking unlikely.

Through adolescence, Rae struggled immensely with all this. She didn’t want to be an archer because of any bloodline duties or expectations, she just “wanted” to do it, and was eaten up with frustration by her own failures.

Eventually she decided to give up on this “impossible dream”, and became a chef. So the fighters would come back every day, as she begrudgingly served up their meals, listening keenly to all their tales, but being interrupted by boiling pans.

The years passed, and Rae was approaching middle age. By this point she was pretty content as a chef, and had added quite a few dishes to her repertoire! Tidying up the benches one evening, she noticed somebody had left a bow behind. Hesitant to find the owner, she strolled out to the hills at the back of the camp, with a slight furrow on her brow, and hint of a smirk.

She was up all night firing that bow, and being as rubbish as she ever was. But then something happened…no way, must be a fluke..nope. She did it again. Suddenly it had just clicked. All this time, and now she had finally “got” it.

“So if I put my thumb here and………” *twick*

It was working! Rae was delirious with happiness. Not exactly a pro overnight, she rushed out every evening, honing her skill, learning all the tricks and techniques, and just practicing like crazy, she had a lot of years to make up for.

Then one day, just before lunch, the war horn blew out through the settlement. As the troops stood up to leave, she immediately ripped off her apron, picked up her lovingly polished bow, and ran out to join them.

“But what about my sandwiches?!” spluttered the Mayor’s son, Gnoth, as he frantically picked up the fedora Rae had knocked off in her rush,

She turned back for a short moment before she lept off, and hissed,

“Make your own damn sandwiches!”


This 28mm scale unpainted metal miniature comes in two parts and with a plastic 25mm base.

Rae is sculpted by Phil Hynes and painted by Paul Cubbin


Weighs 120g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.