Squee: Female Orc Thief - Bad Squiddo

Squee: Female Orc Thief - Bad Squiddo


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Nobody knows her actual name, or even if she is full orc at all. None of the tribe, in their bored evening chats, can figure out if she is half goblin, or perhaps sick, or, you know, maybe just small.

Anyway it makes her perfect for the task of thieving. There isn’t a window she can’t squeeze through…yup.

The problem is getting her to stop. Squee will excel at all her tasks, but then back at camp, keep anything shiny nailed down. Mog was chosen as the big and scary yet diplomatic person to go into her tent routinely and suggest all the “Squee Treasure” be returned. And quite often, once she has passed it all out, you’ll see a little twinkle in her pouch, followed by a not-so-diplomatic-at-4am Mog trashing the camp hacking with her cleaver chasing the little orc who can duck and dive out of anything. Someone else should probably get that task now.

Squee knows she can get away with it because she’s just so darned useful.

This 28mm scale unpainted metal miniature comes in two parts and with a plastic 25mm base.

She is 28mm to the eyes, 30mm to the top of the head.

Weighs 120g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.