Mog: Female Orc Warrior - Bad Squiddo

Mog: Female Orc Warrior - Bad Squiddo


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In Mog’s tribe, it’s common to see women taking part in the combat. It’s not something that happened suddenly, it just always was. If you can drive an axe into the skull of your foes, pick up the darned axe and get on with it.

Mog has quickly made a name for herself among the others, despite being one of their youngest fighters. Mutters across the troops carry longing for someone like her to overthrow the sleazy corrupt General Farak…this year may well be his last..

This 28mm scale metal miniature comes in three parts – body & hands with weapons, for multi pose options. She comes with a plastic 25mm base. She is supplied unpainted, Painted version for display is by Paul Cubbin.

She is 28mm to the eyes, 34mm to the top of the head. Obviously a little bigger and bulkier than humans.


Weighs 120g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.