Ghoul Mothers (2) - Bad Squiddo Games

Ghoul Mothers (2) - Bad Squiddo Games

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Bad Squiddo Boss Annie boasts the largest collection of 28mm ghouls in the world (in terms of variety, not numbers!) so what do you get a gal who has all the ghouls?

Get ghoul legend Paul "Ghoul" Muller to sculpt more of course!

These grizzled and decaying creatures prowl around graveyards as well as sneak around open windows at night, always looking for the next tasty meal. Once high standing ladies of society they are now reduced to their one basic instinct - to feed.

They will fit in great with your existing ghouls, especially to complete your collection of Paul Muller Ghouls!

Cast in high quality metal, and 28mm scale, they come unassembled and unpainted. Both are one piece castings.