Adira - Dark Champion - Bad Squiddo

Adira - Dark Champion - Bad Squiddo


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Adira came about after a few discussions with customers and friends about the specific lack of dark bulky female knights – you know what it’s like, the men have full helmets and almost medieval power armour, the women get the studded bikini of +1 allure.

I wanted a big, powerful hulk of a woman that you’d be terrified of, rather than try and buy a drink. So I muddled together a lot of ramblings, as well lots of “basically, just NOT this” and sent them to my artist Kate Evans (who I would go on to learn is AMAZING at interpreting my ramblings).

Who better to sculpt this mighty warrior than Tim Prow of Ex-GW fame, I was super pleased when he agreed to work for me. Although we usually focus on practicality, I ever so slightly allowed a waver for this model, as the main objective was basically “bloody cool”. So yeah she has some big wild skulls knocking about and a big crazy tentacle arm…mouth…thing. Bloody cool though!

Cast in high quality RESIN, and 28mm scale, she comes unassembled and unpainted. She comes with helmeted head and ponytail options, as well as tentacle arm and axe holding arm.

Sculpted by Tim Prow, display painted by Paul Cubbin. Inner image (tentacle arm) painted by Ralph Plowman. Concept by Annie Norman and Kate Evans.




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