Mary, Female Knight Bad Squiddo

Mary, Female Knight Bad Squiddo


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Mary is a lady of few words. By lady, I mean “Lady”. Rumour has it she is of noble blood, there are all sorts of threads around her history which point in a certain way, but have never been confirmed. She never discusses it, but perhaps that is because Mary is Queen of one thing – disguise. Some naysayers remark she is no more than a peasant, self taught in weaponry as well as the social airs and graces.

Despite all this, she has led many a successful military campaign, so fans and cynics alike leave her to it, after all, who knows which barbaric rule they’d have fallen under if it were not for her.

Sculpted by Mark Evans, Mary can be used for a mixture of genres, from dungeon explorer, to mass battle fantasy gaming, and of course, Wars of the Roses and other Medieval. Margaret of Anjou’s personal bodyguard in an alternative history?

Painted example by the wonderful Paul Cubbin!

This 28mm scale unpainted metal miniature comes in two parts and with a plastic 25mm base.

Weighs 90g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.