Shieldmaiden Warriors (4) Bad Squiddo

Shieldmaiden Warriors (4) Bad Squiddo


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The Shieldmaiden collection from Bad Squiddo Games will all be made with care and attention to believability as well as coolness. They are female troops who just want to go to battle without falling out of chainmail bikinis or thigh high skirt slits. Annie/The Dice Bag Lady is currently pouring over tonnes of books for inspiration, as well as historical help from Frank Shandy of The Raft.

This is a pack of four 28mm scale miniatures sculpted by Phil Hynes. They are cast in metal and come unpainted and unassembled, with a 25mm round base. Painted examples are by Paul Cubbin.

They are designed to fit with all popular dark ages figure ranges.


Weighs 190g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.