The Bad Squiddo [Giant Squid] - Bad Squiddo

The Bad Squiddo [Giant Squid] - Bad Squiddo


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It's about time we released "The Bad Squiddo". Yes, this is a giant squid, for all cephalopod accuracies, whereas our Squiddos are more octopus like creatures, it's a long story! A more generic name for this beast would be The Kraken! She can sure take down a boat or two. You can put her on one large base as as a single monster or base each part individually if you wish the tentacles to be "mini bosses" that your characters have to slash through.

11 pieces - 1 x body, 8 x arms, 2 x tentacles

Body size 10cm x 3cm (at widest point), tentacles about 9cm, arms between 7cm and 3cm (while curled, ie they would be longer if stretched out)

Base not provided as default - the one shown is 16cm diameter.

Shipwreck debris not included, but is available separately
Hand sculpted by Al Maguire
Supplied unpainted, shown painted by Ralph Plowman.

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. Make sure to follow the usual resin precautions when prepping (protect yourself from dust, and wash in soapy water before priming). Highly recommend priming with purpose made primer, as opposed to airbrush or other methods.