Spider's Nests (6) - Bad Squiddo Games

Spider's Nests (6) - Bad Squiddo Games

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6 pieces of unique sculpts of various spiders and their nests.

A stunning diorama set with so many details. There are spiders peeking out of and crawling all over bits of woodland, tending to their precious eggs and egg sacs, or laying in wait for an unsuspecting guinea pig to monch. Each part is hand sculpted with care and attention to quirkiness.

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. 28mm Scale. Shown painted by Electric Eve

They are made to work with 28mm miniatures, some ideas of the scale are shown in the extra photos in the gallery above (click any image next to the main one).

These sculpts were originally part of Ristul's Extraordinary Market and purchased by Bad Squiddo in 2018. We still work with Ristul to add new goodness to the range.