Peeg Idols (5) - Bad Squiddo Games

Peeg Idols (5) - Bad Squiddo Games


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Deep in the forest you can hear the rumbles and the wheeping, but where is it coming from? You move from branches and find these ancient statues. The Wise Ones. The feet of the monuments are littered with offerings of food, candles, photographs. People travel from many distant lands to pay homage to the Peeg Gods. Sometimes to ask for a bountiful harvest, other times to thank them for the traffic lights being on green the whole way. Ask, and ye shall receeeep.

5 pieces, hand sculpted.
Supplied unpainted, shown painted by Painting Knights.

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. Make sure to follow the usual resin precautions when prepping (protect yourself from dust, and wash in soapy water before priming).