Persian Infantry Plastic Box Set (WGF)

Persian Infantry Plastic Box Set (WGF)

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This multi-part hard plastic 28mm figure set gives you 44 sprues - 8 main sprues, 4 shield/torso sprues, 8 leg sprues, 8 archer sprues, 2 head sprues, 4 arm sprues and 10 sword sprues - enough to create 32 models. The set may be used to model any combination of 32 bow-armed figures, 8 spear-armed figures, 28 sword-armed figures and/or 8 axe-armed figures. Comes with extras such as quivers and scabbards.

Each box weighs 250g for P&P purposes so postage charges for a single one to the UK will be £2.50, £3.50 to EU, £4.50 RotW; please refer to the Customer Service page (link at the bottom of this page) for postage rates.