Gudrun on Horseback - Bad Squiddo

Gudrun on Horseback - Bad Squiddo


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Gudrun has SIX children. An unstoppable war machine though, she does not let her childbearing get in the way of a good raid, and returns to the fight as quickly as possible, much to the frowns of the town. It can be strange for those who know her screaming in battle, hacking through her foes in a demonic rage - to see her back home afterwards plaiting her children's hair and singing the sweetest folk songs to them. She hopes her children follow suit and grow into mighty warriors themselves one day.

Gudrun is available by herself as a single character.

Supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, display painted by Darren Linington



Weighs 190g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.