1914 French Infantry Brigade (Great Escape Games) 12mm Scale

1914 French Infantry Brigade (Great Escape Games) 12mm Scale


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French infantry used an anachronistic tactical doctrine which placed more value in the bayonet than in firepower! French uniforms had hardly changed from the Franco-Prussian War with most arms boasting the famous garance (madder red) trousers. The French War Minister was reputed to have said, “Le pantalon rouge, c’est la France!” (Red trousers are France!)


  • 4 Brigade Command figures, 
  • 4 Battalion Commanders, 
  • 60 Infantry figures,
  • 12 Cavalry miniatures, 
  • 12 Dismounted Cavalry miniatures, 
  • 5 Machine Guns,
  • 2 Field Artillery pieces & 4 crew models.

Models are 12mm sized, made of metal & supplied unpainted, bases included.

Some modelling will be required. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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