IC Orders of Battle

German and Danish orbats for April 9th, 1940. Includes rules for motorcycles and bicycles. Uploaded Apr 18, 2020.

weser sud

German, French, British, Dutch and Belgian orbats for 1940. Uploaded Nov 2nd, 2019.


Soviet, German, Romanian, Italian and Hungarian forces for the Stalingrad campaign, plus before and after 1942-43. Updated Oct. 10th, 2019.


Additional forces for Iron Cross for Finland, Romania and Hungary 1944-45. Updated Sept 24th, 2016.


Additional forces for Iron Cross for North Africa with lists for German, British and Italian forces. Includes an addendum concerning transports.


Additional forces for Iron Cross for NW Europe 1944-45, including British Airborne, US Airborne, Waffen SS, Volksgrenadiers and Soviet Assault Battalions. Updated June 8th, 2016.