The Legend of Dead Man's Hand - Scenes

If you're familiar with Dead Man's Hand, you'll know how scenes work. If not, scenarios (Scenes) are playable as stand alone games or as a series over an evening of gaming. Each scene sets out “The Cast” (point values of opposing gangs), “The Story So Far” (consequences of earliergames if played as a series), “The Set” (how terrain is laid out), “Directions” (deployment and special scene rules), “Action!” (what happens at the start of the game), and “The End” (victory conditions).

In The Legend of Dead Man's Hand are the following scenes:


The Ballad of Dead Man’s Hand

Opening Scene – Today is a Good Day

Second Scene – Arm Yourselves and Run

Final Scene – Peace is Only for the Dead and the Dying


Let the Blood Run Down

Opening Scene – Sure you Wanna Quit Playin’, Jack?

Second Scene – Here was a Man

Final Scene – Requiem


The Dawn It Will Come

Opening Scene – In the Silence of God

Second Scene – Like Blood Across the Sky

Final Scene – Dawn it Will Come


The Dead Man’s Hand Massacre

The Battle of Dead Man’s Hand


The three storylines are just as presented in the DMH rulebook. The other two, The Dead Man’s Hand Massacre and The Battle of Dead Man’s Hand, are special scenes that may be played following the event stage of a campaign turn. Both involve multiple gangs; The Dead Man's Hand Massacre sees two gangs join up and ambush a third (who may benefit from some help. The Battle of Dead Man's Hand is the showdown to end all showdowns as all the campaign gangs - it's best with 4 - shoot it out.