The Legend of Dead Man's Hand

"Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. Fortunes will be made. Men will be ruined."


The Legend of Dead Man’s Hand is the campaign source book in which players take a gang of no good crooks or a posse of untried but honest, good men and endeavour to make their mark on the Old West. Rivals develop business schemes or criminal enterprises, gain skills and experience, expand the size of their respective bands, and engage in plenty of Wild West gunplay in their rise to glory or descent into an early grave (or the bottom of a bottle).

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The Legend of Dead Man’s Hand contains rules for running multi-player campaigns, 11 new scenes (including multi-gang shootouts) and four new gang types: Banditos, Renegade Indians, 7th Cavalry and Pinkertons. Below left is a preview pdf of The Legend of Dead Man's Hand. It's a large file, so give it a few moments to load before reaching for your pistol. Click on the other thumbnails for a brief lowdown on other aspects of the campaign rules and contents of the book. Also, there is a downloadable campaign roster so you don't have to scribble in the book with your writing irons.

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