November 20th: new Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Cavalry are out!

November 6th: A lovely new 28mm scale European Windmill by 4Ground is now in. Also, a bunch of new plastic Rubicon kits including two ShermansBritish CMP 15cwt TruckM3/M3A1 Expansion Kit and German PaK 36. Lastly today, we have three new Stoessi's Heroes: Simeone Seguin & Nancy Wake (French Resistance) and Soviet Army Guards Senior Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya

 November 2nd: Loads of new Cobi WWII releases, including Ferdinands, Elephants, Maus & Bombers!

October 29th: Coming soon, two new gangs for Dead Man's Hand: The Count and The Tong. Pre-order them here!

October 10th: New Stoessi's Heroes including Frost & Carlyle!

October 5th: Cursed Townsfolk are available to pre-order

September 28th: Out next week and available for pre-order, the Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943.

September 19th: Out now for DMH, The Professor!

September 5th: New Stoessi's Heroes!

September 2nd: Sword & Spear 2nd Edition is now available as an interactive pdf.

August 30th: Testors Dullcote back in stock.

August 23rd: Army deals added for Romanian forces for Iron Cross, Chain of Command and Rules of Engagement.

August 16th: New out this weekend - Romanian MG Team, Mortar and Sniper Team. Plus a deal for all the Romanians!

August 14th: Nikephorian Byzantine, Pecheng & Syrian Arab army lists for Clash of Empires added.


August 11th: Just added a load of stuff for WWII, from miniatures to tank kits in various categories.

July 12th: New Rubicon kits for GermanUS and Commonwealth forces!

July 1st: New stuff for DMH - Snakes!Rotten HorsesRotten Cattle and new Cacti!

June 27th: We have just added the DMH Collectibles range from one of our partners in Germany, Stronghold Terrain.

June 23rd: Out now - 28mm WW2 Romanians!

May 26th: "Wild Bill got bit!" Cursed Characters now out!

May 19th: New in: AK Interactive brushes

May 14th: New Stoessi's Heroes available to order, plus we have Roy Urquhart back in stock!

May 10th: Here is a lovely starter town deal for the Curse of DMH - £99 for five buildings, post free and saving £30!


News Archive 2015/16

May 8th: Also out are the Cursed Reverend, Corpse Carrion and Dread Wolves.

May 8th: Buffalo Man, Mountain Lion and Cheveyo Death Hunter are out and available!

April 29th: Even more Cobi kits added, including StuG IV, Sherman and Yakovlev Yak-1. Now over 50 kits in stock!

April 28th: Massive restock of Cobi!


December 3rd: New Victrix Numidian Infantry available for pre-order!

December 2nd: New Perry Miniatures ACW Union Infantry in sack coats Skirmishing! Perhaps their best set yet!

November 27th: Sign up for the Great Escape Games newsletter! Sent out regularly by Jasmine at GEG, it's short and sweet and contains the latest info from us.

November 23rd: Fireforge Medieval Archers now available!

November 17th: The range of female Soviets from Bad Squiddo Games is in stock and on sale!

November 11th: New stuff from Company B in the shop - M3A1 Stuart "Satan"M29 WeaselSgt Lafayette Pool's M4A1 Sherman "In the Mood"Australian M3 Stuart Light TankCrossley Armoured Car and Rolls Royce Tender.

November 9th: Stoessi's Heroes is a lovely range of character figures for 28mm WWII gaming and we have the range available now.

November 7th: Dates for latest Christmas posting are here. In  the UK, last day is 21st December.

October 26th: New Dead Man's Hand Bandito casualties.

October 25th: We now stock the entire range of expert weathering washes and effects liquids by AK Interactive

October 21st: Out next week, new Perry ACW Union Infantry! Pre-order 'em now. Order three of any plastic box set within one range and save a fistful on the full price - link.

October 20th: Brand new release for AK Interactive - Figure Series Acrylics. A range of 90 superior quality paints designed for the serious painter. Lovely uniform colours that provide painters with the base, shadow and highlight for WWII battledress and include camo shades specifically researched from authentic gear.

October 18th: Some cool, new stuff for modelling by Deluxe Materials - Ballast MagicRoket Powder and Foam Armour.

October 9th: The best bit of tank modelling is the weathering and the addition of mud. Check out these Vallejo Thick Mud products.

October 3rd: Loads of Cobi WWII kits are now in and ready to ship! We have around 50 different sets!

October 1st: Available for pre-order: The Chicago Way Gambassi Bros. Wholesale Warehouse! Special price until the release date of Oct 7th.

September 29th: Victrix Iberian Cavalry!

September 27th: Get some scenery! Move booze, assorted contraband or dead coppers! New terrain items for The Chicago Way or Dead Man's Hand!

September 24th: Added an Iron Cross pdf for Finnish, Hungarian and Romanian forces for 1944/45.

September 11th: New Rubicon vehicles - GMC Deuce and a Half TruckStudebaker and BM-13 Katyusha MRL.

August 29th: Australian decals from Company B.

August 27th: Useful basing/terrain additions to the shop - Vallejo Earth Effects and Water/Snow Effects

August 26th: Sign up for the Great Escape Games newsletter!

August 16th: New resin large barrels from MDP in the webshop.

August 13th: Added all the expansions for Tanks! Plus added new Numidian Cavalry from Victrix.

August 2nd: We have added 4Ground's Europe at War range of 15mm buildings.

July 21st: New pdf's for Dead Man's Hand featuring Gang rules and new scenes! First, the Citizens allied with a mysterious and brooding stranger; second, Bushwhackers & Jayhawkers engaged in guerilla warfare during the Civil war. The cards for these gangs may be bought here.

July 14th: Four new Rubicon kits - 251/1CSdKfz 250/1 Alte / SdKfz 253Allied Stowage and Soviet SU 85/SU122.

July 13th: Another new "Rogue" for DMH, Reverend Johnson.

July 9th: Tex Miller, Eagle of the Night, the new Rogue for Dead Man's Hand available now!

July 5th: New Russian Medieval Infantry from Fireforge Games shipping now.

July 2nd: New 4Ground Gothic buildings (perfect for Downtown Chicago) available to pre-order. Also, new The Chicago Way dice bags!

June 28th: Plenty of Company B transfer sheets added: link

June 25th: Successor Phalangites and Macedonian Hypaspits now added.

June 21st: Macedonian Phalangites from Victrix! We now have nearly 120 different plastic box sets for 28mm scale historical figures and vehicles! All are currently in stock.

June 10th: New today, TCW Fire Hydrants! Also, for DMH, packs of Vultures!

June 7th: Released this Friday, Terrified Civilians for The Chicago Way!

June 4th: A rather lovely Snow Effects terrain page has been added to the site.

May 10th: 4Ground Sidewalks for The Chicago Way!

April 30th: We love weathering tanks and have just added a bunch of extra weathering liquids to the store.

April 27th: There will potentially be a delay of up to one week to fulfil any orders containing Ford TT Trucks or Police Wagons. This is due to high sales but we hope to have the stock situation back to normal very soon.

April 24th: Look dangerous with our limited edition Dead Man's Hand and The Chicago Way satchels!

April 23rd: Perry British Infantry in Afghanistan/Sudan and Gripping Beast Late Roman Infantry plastic box sets now ready to order!

Shipping now: Daughters of the West!

April 19th: Downloads for The Chicago Way are available now on the website.

April 12th: The Chicago Way pre-painted building by 4Ground now available to pre-order.

April 11th: New red, yellow and lavender Flower tufts from Gamer's Grass.

April 9th: 28mm scale Italian vehicles from Company B now in!

March 31st: "Everyone can be gotten to."  The Chicago Way is now available to pre-order. A number of deals have a free photographer model available if you pre-order. If you wish to collect at Salute, just let us know by email and we'll refund any postage applied. Alternatively, you can email us directly for Salute pre-orders.

March 28th: The Daughters of the West is the new gang for Dead Man's Hand and is available for pre-order.

March 23rd: British infantry, SAS, US Navy Seal and Taliban packs added to the Modern 28mm section.

March 11th: Big update to the WWII Miniatures section, adding categories for North Africa

March 2nd: A reorganisation of our WWII terrain section, with over 100 items, makes it easier to navigate and find what you need.

February 21st: Over thrity packs of Crusader Miniatures Soviet Infantry added to the shop.

February 18th: New in from Company B, Creighton Abrams' M4A3E8 "Thunderbolt VII".

February 17th: We are constantly adding to the Paint, Brushes, Tools & Weathering section. Now added Brush Magic (brush cleaner) and Strip Magic (model paint stripper).

February 13th: Perry Miniatures Agincourt Foot Knights and Agincourt French Infantry now available to pre-order.

February 6th: Gamer's Grass Leaves and Flowers now in stock.

February 5th: Rubicon new kits avaiable: M8/M20 Armoured CarM10/M36 Tank Destroyer and the Jagdpanzer 38(t), commonly known as the Hetzer.

February 4th: Iron Cross Dice Bags! Produced in conjunction with The Dice Bag Lady, these will hold all your tokens and dice for Iron Cross. Available at a special price for a limited time!


February 3rd: Mini grass mats in stock. 45 x 30cm, paper backed, £2 a sheet.

February 3rd: New stuff in the shop that is both cool and useful: Plastic Farm Animals Box, Barbed WireBricks and Pre-painted Sandbags.

January 25th: A load of hobby stuff added, including more brushespaint and plasticard.

January 24th: Want to make an allotment, crops, a garden or just have some cool vegetation on your figure bases, diorama or terrain? Check out our Laser cut plants section.

January 20th: Iron Cross dice in stock!

January 19th: Sword & Spear QRS

January 15th: Soviet Infantry Company deal added in the Iron Cross section of the webshop.

January 11th: Continuing with the tank weathering theme, we've added a section including various vehicle weathering liquids.

January 10th: Section added for weathering pigments, including Pro-Pigments and AK Interactive. Anyone doing vehicle modelling should have plenty of pigments in their arsenal. At GEG, we also use them a lot for terrain modelling and figure bases.

January 6th: Now in stock, WWII building block kits from Cobi. These are awesome!

December 30th: Extra large Model Scene mats are now available in selected styles.

December 26th: New in the shop, turf and foliage!

December 20th: Several new goodies in the Tools section, including cutting mats and hobby saws. Also added Water Effects to the store.

December 19th: New category in the shop for Weathering Liquids (which we've used for years|) including the famous Modelmates Rust Effects.

December 18th: Iron Cross QRS added.

December 17th: Rubicon Crusader tanks and Opel Blitz trucks back in!

December 15th: Loads of stuff going on today: a mass restock of Mininatur, a restock and new items from Bad Squiddo Games and a couple of new sections for figure cases and modern warfare rules.

December 13th: Additional orbats for forces for NW Europe 1944-45 for Iron Cross available to download as a pdf.

December 11th: Order Iron Cross here

December 4th: Iron Cross release date annonced for Dec. 15th. Pre-order yours and check out the deals in the Iron Cross section of the shop.

November 28th: Available to pre-order, the 4Ground DMH Railroad StationWater TowerWindmill & Railroad Tracks. Also available as a bundle offer

November 26th: Sword & Spear is out and shipping now!

November 20th: More Bad Squiddo Games miniatures are now in the shop, specifically a couple of Celtic queens!