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What's going on at Great Escape Games?

Our next show is

Antwerp, Saturday, November 1st

Please pre-order by emailing us with your requirements, especially with regard to Die Waffenkammer and Company B tanks, as stocks will be very limited. Please pre-order by 8pm on Wednesday, October 29th at the latest. We no longer have room to take plastic ancient/medieval boxes to shows, so please pre-order these. All of the Legend of Dead Man's Hand new releases will be there!

We will have DEAD MAN'S HAND, the RoE and CoE ranges, 4Ground, Mininatur/Silflor, Testors Dullcote and more. 



Testors Dullcote is back in stock!


October 16th: New for Dead Man's Hand. The Sassy Gal Saloon!

October 12th: Model Scene terrain mats have proved very popuar, so we have massively expanded the range available.

October 11th: A new category for Mininatur/Silflor Tufts - Ground Cover - has been added to the store.

October 8th: More decals from Company B - Soviet, British.

October 6th: Out now, the legendary Wild Bill!

September 26th: New Frontline scenery sets in the store: Library Bookshelves, Boudoir Set and newly mastered Water Troughs.

September 24th: Frontline's Saloon Set, Sheriff's Set and Water Tower are back in stock.

September 14th: Now in the store are the Republican Roman plasic box sets from Victrix - Legionaries I & II and Italian Allies - and the Perry Miniatures Medieval Foot Knights. All are available as part of the Ancient/Medieval Plastic Box Set deal, which now includes 44 different kits!

August 27th: Available for pre-order (released Sept 5th), the Rogan's Bar add-on Bunkhouse floor.

August 15th: New tanks in the GEG store! The highlight is the wonderful M31 ARV by Company B, and we also have the Warlord/Italeri plastic kits for the Sherman M3A1 75mm, T-34/85 and Panther Ausf. A. Also, there is now a three plastic box set deal for WWII plastics.

August 8th: New in the store from Company B, the US Army Bulldozer!

August 6th: A big restock of Die Waffenkammer kits means that the likes of the Tiger and Tiger II, Panzer III's and Shermans M4A1, M4A3, M4A4 and Firefly MkVc. Also the Soviet BT-5 and T-70 and British Staghound Mk I are back in stock.  See the full list here: TANKS!

August 3rd: Three new buildings - a cookhouse, woodshed and cartshed with piggery - from 4Ground in the WWII range (they are usable from the 18th c. on) are now in the shop!

July 21st: New out today, Rogan's Bar figure set!

July 10th: Every year we get involved with the Iron Man Charity Painting Marathon to raise money for Save the Children. Check out the facebook page and donate to this most worthy cause (and why not get your brush out and get that project finally finished - or even started).

July 7th: After action report of our latest playtest session is on the facebook page.

July 3rd: Added some handy downloadable pdf's for Legend of Dead Man's Hand.

July 1st: New out this week, the DMH Civilian Bank Set.

June 29th: Sets of 28mm metal rifles & pistols now in the GEG shop.

June 28th: We are very excited to announce the partnership between Great Escape Games and Studio Tomahawk to publish the French language, all new version of Dead Man's Hand. More news here.

June 27th: New 4Ground stuff in the store. Three types of Lean To/Dairy as additions to existing buildings.

June 25th: Loads of very lovely terrain mats for dioramas and hobby projects landed at GEG HQ today. Check them out here.

June 23rd: German Quad Flak 38 with crew and trailer (from Company B) now in the store.

June 22nd: Resin crater sets are now in the shop from the minions at the GEG studio.

June 21st: More new stuff for the store from Company B - Marmon Herrington Armoured CarBritish Light Utility Truck “Tilly” and Morris CS8 2pounder Porte

June 20th: New stuff in the store. We love PSC Weathering Sprays - they're like magic - and we have lengths of model chain in stock.

June 20th: The Historical Wargames Podcast declares their winner in the "WAB Successor Wars" and details a super special offer for its US listeners. A great show to listen to, ideal for when you're painting.

June 19th: Loads of US jeep and tank crews from Company B available now in the GEG shop: US Crew

June 6th: Wargames Illustrated 320 features an article on playing Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers with the DMH rules. Get a copy here.

June 5th: More pre-painted WWII terrain, including Dragon's Teeth, Hedgehogs and Telegraph Poles

June 4th: The awesome, pre-painted 28mm scale PEGASUS BRIDGE from 4Ground is in the shop now, and is available with a free copy of Rules of Engagement plus tokens and templates. Also out is Café Gondrée in 28mm scale and pre-painted.

June 2nd: New releases for Dead Man's Hand - Small Double Storey Building Under Construction, Small Single Storey Building Under Construction
 and Sunken Boardwalks.

May 22nd: Now stocking the 4Ground range of static grasses in 8 different colours, plus a particularly lovely snow flock.

May 21st: We have a new range of high quality scenic accessories from Model Scene in the GEG shop. The range includes grass mats for dioramas and terrain, leaves and realistic plants.We hope that this range will expand further over the coming months as we feel that these specialist products will appeal to discerning modellers.

May 15th: The 4Ground Pre-Painted Stage Coach is also available without crew and horses now.

May 10th: Pre-order the Dead Man's Hand Stage Coach Set, released May 17th. Comes with four horses, driver, guard, two passengers and pre-painted 4Ground stagecoach.

May 9th: Company B Mercedes G3A Truck and Dodge WC-51 Weapons Carrier added to the store.

May 8th: Company B LRDG crew added to the store.

May 7th: More Company B goodies, Chevy Ambulance and Morris Water Truck

May 2nd: More Die Waffenkammer vehicles added. Tetrarchs and Staghounds, Mk II and III: link.

April 29th: Two new tanks from Die Waffenkammer in the GEG shop today, the M22 Locust Airborne Tank and M26 Pershing Heavy Tank.

April 26th: We have had couple of things come up on the forum and at shows etc when people talk to us about DeadMan’s Hand and the Legend of Dead Man’s Hand. The notes on the DMH Downloads page should clarify those things and also give the rules for Carbines which are missing from the Legend of Dead Man’s Hand.

 April 24th: The very lovely new box set from Victrix - Greek Peltasts, Slingers & Javelinmen - is in the store. Perfect for many Mediterranean region armies, from the 5th century BCE to the 2nd century CE, including the Successors and as allies for Republican Romans. Plus we also have a nice, pre-painted Stone Bridge kit from 4Ground.

April 23rd: M7 Priest from Company B and Luchs from Die Waffenkammer are back in stock.

April 20th: Loads of new 4Ground furniture pieces in the store today, including bank safes, filing cabinets and security deposit boxes (each with removeable drawers), shelves, round tables and coffins - link.

April 18th: Sherman Mk V and Mk Vc Firefly are back in stock. Small numbers so they won't last long...

April 15th: New Soviet tanks have arrived from Die Waffenkammer: KV-1, KV-2 and KV-85, as well as a restock of the SU-152 Assault Gun.

April 14th: A small amount of Die Waffenkammer tanks has just landed; we'll be updating the store over the next few days. Panzer IV's, Luchs and Panthers are updated. New releases will be next.

April 13th: Check out the following new stuff in the store... Agema plastic Republican Roman deal with free metal command figures; Gripping Beast Arab Infantry; and Fireforge Games Mongol Cavalry

You can mix and match all of these, along with other sets, in our Three Plastic Box Set deal..

April 7th: Pre-order the new plastic Republican Roman legionaries from Agema Miniatures. 40 models- 16 hastai, 16 principes, 8 triarii - in the box.


Hello, and welcome to the new look Great Escape Games website.

We have combined both our Great Escape Games and Clash of Empires websites so that you can get all the information and news on what is happening at Great Escape Games all in one place.

Not only have we changed the look of our website but we are also changing our approach to the website.  We want to be an extension of not only our rules systems, Dead Man's Hand, Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires, but also an up to date reflection of what we are working on and towards in terms of both new publications but also hobby projects.  So as we are working towards a new source book we want people to be able to see what we are doing in the way of creating new armies, play testing, creating specific terrain etc so that everybody who is a part of our hobby can keep an eye on what we're up to and hopefully we can inspire some of you out there to pick up a paint brush and maybe start a new army or create a new bit of terrain. Well that's the hope anyway.

So what about the previous sites and the info that they had?  Well it's all still there; we've created specific Dead Man's Hand, Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires parts to the site and each has everything that the previous sites had, including all the army lists for both systems, hobby articles, battle reports, etc.

As well as that we have brought our online store up to date so that ordering any of our products should be easier than at any time before.

So there we have it, we want this front page to be a news section, letting you know what's going on at GEG and a portal to the DMH, RoE and CoE parts of the site.  Just click on any of the section headers to the left or the links within the titles of the news items to get going.  Recent news at Great Escape Games, including our blog updates, are in the section headed "What's going on at Great Escape Games?" to the right of this page.