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September 21st: Rule book and Marker sets now available for Iron Cross and Seven Days to the River Rhine for £27 and £30 respectively.

September 20th: Now you can get the separate rules and special play cards for The Count, The Tong, Plains Indians and Daughters of the West.

September 13th: New out today! Italian Alpini HMG Team and 45mm Brixia Mortar.

September 11th: More DMH Collectables in the store and Japanese Te-Ke Tankette from Company B.

August 29th: Out this weekend! Alpini Sniper Team and Anti-tank Rifle Team. Also we have AK Interactive paint sets for Greeks and Alpini in their sections.

August 28th: New hamlet set for 1914

August 24th: We've just had a clean up of the WWII and Iron Cross sections of the shop and created a bunch of new Iron Cross Company Deals at nearly 20% of the pack full price.

August 13th: Very cool new AK Interactive foliage, tufts, laser cut plants and leaves.

August 6th: Tons of new 4Ground train goodies added, including a Build Your Own Train Set deal.

August 6th: New Stoessi's Heroes! German Haupsturmführer – Fritz Klingenberg and Soviet Cook – Ivan Pavlovich, 91st Tank Regiment

August 5th: New in Japanese kits from Company B: Type 94 Searchlight Truck and Type 95 Kurogane Recon, plus Japanese decals

Also in from Company B is Japanese naval paratroopers - SNLF

August 4th: New Temple themed Battle Ready Bases.

July 29th: New tufts from Gamer's Grass! Alien Fire and Neon.

July 24th: New Soviet Stalingrad Veterans in Winter Uniform. HMG, 82mm Mortar, Sniper team and PTRS-41 ATR team. Also on that page is a fistful of new army deals.

July 18th: Three new Greek WWII releases today. Flamethrower Team, 45mm Mortar, Boys AT Rifle Team.

July 16th: New in from 4Ground! Wooden decking bases, Pre-painted Machine Gun Bunker 28mm scale, Pre-painted Anti-tank Gun Bunker 28mm scale

July 5th: New release! Greek Mountain Infantry Sniper Team!

June 29th: Our tenth WWII range - Stalingrad Soviet Veterans in Winter Gear - is released today. Out first are the command squad, infantry squads, atg crew. More packs follow next month, inc. HMG, mortar, sniper, AT rifle team. Also released is Soviet Scouts.

June 27th: More new Rubicon kits! Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind2cm Flakvierling 38, 3.7cm Flak 43

June 19th: New Rubicon kits! Panzer IV Ausf D/E, Ausf F/F2/G/H, Ausf J, Chevy 30cwt LRDG Truck, Willys Jeep Trailer

June 14th: New releases! HMG and Mortar for Greek Mountain Infantry.



“Today comrades we begin the liberation of the oppressed workers who have slaved for long years under their fascist German overlords. Soon the glorious People's Red Army will sweep away these puppets of the Imperialist Yankees and establish a workers' paradise that the rest of the European continent will willingly embrace. As we begin on this great endeavour let us be mindful of the objective and the name of our great Crusade. Comrades, Seven Days to the River Rhine!”

Message from the CinC Soviet Group Forces in Germany


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Our next show is:

November 9th - Crisis, Antwerp


We will have the full range of 1914, Seven Days to the River Rhine, Romanian, Hungarian, new Soviet and German figures, plus our new ranges of WWII figures for the Greco-Italian War, Dead Man's Hand and The Curse of Dead Man's Hand, The Chicago Way, Iron Cross, Gamer's Grass, Sword & Spear, Testor's Dullcote, ModelMates, 
AK Interactive, Army Painter, Stoessi's Heroes, 
Cobi World of Tanks and more. Please ensure that you pre-order Company B and Blitzkrieg as we will not bring these ranges because of space.

Anything else is by pre-order only. Please pre-order by 4pm Tuesday, November 5th for collection at the show using the show as the subject (e.g. Crisis pre-order) and the email address at this link. Alternatively, you may order on the website, select the "Pick up at Show" shipping option and pay for your goodies with paypal.


Our new show deals are here: Show Deals 2019.


Great Escape Games now distributing Gamer's Grass & Model Scene

Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK. Gamer's Grass specialises in tufts designed for figure, diorama and terrain basing. The range is available in many different sizes and colours, all packed in clamshell blisters.

Model Scene manufactures high quality grass mats for scenic layouts and dioramas, plus realistic, laser-cut paper leaves and plants, and brass-etched plants.  All of these are available to see and buy on the Great Escape Games website at the links provided. If you are a hobby stockist and wish to make these wonderful products available to your customers, then get in touch with Great Escape Games at and we will set you up with a trade account.

For more information, please click this link.




Get yourself a WWII building block tank (fully compatible with other leading brands...)


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