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What's going on at Great Escape Games?

Latest News:


February 6th: Gamer's Grass Leaves and Flowers now in stock.

February 5th: Rubicon new kits avaiable: M8/M20 Armoured Car, M10/M36 Tank Destroyer and the Jagdpanzer 38(t), commonly known as the Hetzer.

February 4th: Iron Cross Dice Bags! Produced in conjunction with The Dice Bag Lady, these will hold all your tokens and dice for Iron Cross. Available at a special price for a limited time!

February 3rd: Mini grass mats in stock. 45 x 30cm, paper backed, £2 a sheet.

February 3rd: New stuff in the shop that is both cool and useful: Plastic Farm Animals Box, Barbed Wire, Bricks and Pre-painted Sandbags.

January 25th: A load of hobby stuff added, including more brushes, paint and plasticard.

January 24th: Want to make an allotment, crops, a garden or just have some cool vegetation on your figure bases, diorama or terrain? Check out our Laser cut plants section.

January 20th: Iron Cross dice in stock!

January 19th: Sword & Spear QRS

January 15th: Soviet Infantry Company deal added in the Iron Cross section of the webshop.

January 11th: Continuing with the tank weathering theme, we've added a section including various vehicle weathering liquids.

January 10th: Section added for weathering pigments, including Pro-Pigments and AK Interactive. Anyone doing vehicle modelling should have plenty of pigments in their arsenal. At GEG, we also use them a lot for terrain modelling and figure bases.

January 6th: Now in stock, WWII building block kits from Cobi. These are awesome!

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Our next show is:

February 20th - Beachhead, Bournemouth



We will have the full range of Dead Man's Hand, Iron Cross, Sword & Spear, Clash of Empires, RoE, Mininatur, Model Scene, Gamer's Grass, Broken Toad, 28mm WWII, Cobi, Company B & Die Waffenkammer, Testor's Dullcote, 4Ground and more.

Anything else is by pre-order only. Please pre-order by 5pm Thursday 18th, February for collection at the show using the show as the subject (e.g. Crisis pre-order) and the email address at this link.


Our current show deals are listed here: Show Deals 2016

Iron Cross is shipping now! Click below for the latest info and click here to order!


Sword & Spear is out now! Click below to get it!


Great Escape Games to distribute Gamer's Grass & Model Scene

Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK. Gamer's Grass specialises in tufts designed for figure, diorama and terrain basing. The range is available in eight different colours, all packed in clamshell blisters.

Model Scene manufactures high quality grass mats for scenic layouts and dioramas, plus realistic, laser-cut paper leaves and plants, and brass-etched plants.  All of these are available to see and buy on the Great Escape Games website at the links provided. If you are a hobby stockist and wish to make these wonderful products available to your customers, then get in touch with Great Escape Games at and we will set you up with a trade account.

For more information, please click this link.




Get yourself a WWII building block tank (fully compatible with other leading brands...)



December 30th: Extra large Model Scene mats are now available in selected styles.

December 26th: New in the shop, turf and foliage!

December 20th: Several new goodies in the Tools section, including cutting mats and hobby saws. Also added Water Effects to the store.

December 19th: New category in the shop for Weathering Liquids (which we've used for years|) including the famous Modelmates Rust Effects.

December 18th: Iron Cross QRS added.

December 17th: Rubicon Crusader tanks and Opel Blitz trucks back in!

December 15th: Loads of stuff going on today: a mass restock of Mininatur, a restock and new items from Bad Squiddo Games and a couple of new sections for figure cases and modern warfare rules.

December 13th: Additional orbats for forces for NW Europe 1944-45 for Iron Cross available to download as a pdf.

December 11th: Order Iron Cross here

December 4th: Iron Cross release date annonced for Dec. 15th. Pre-order yours and check out the deals in the Iron Cross section of the shop.

November 28th: Available to pre-order, the 4Ground DMH Railroad Station, Water Tower, Windmill & Railroad Tracks. Also available as a bundle offer

November 26th: Sword & Spear is out and shipping now!

November 20th: More Bad Squiddo Games miniatures are now in the shop, specifically a couple of Celtic queens!