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1914: Rulebook and miniatures now available 



Latest News:


October 15th: Two new Romanian packs released today! Flamethrowers in summer and winter uniforms.

                 Another 1914 scenario from Tim Colman - Last Stand at Zandvoorde 30 October, 1914 - is available to download.

October 2nd: Four new Stoessi's HeroesPolish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade General Major – Stanislaw Sosabowski; Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair “Paddy” Mayne; Lieutenant (SAS) John Steel “Jock” Lewes; German Brigadeführer & Generalmajor – Heinz Harmel. 

September 26th: Four new packs for The Chicago Way! Reinforcements for each gang inc. one armed with BAR.

September 25th: Loads of livestock - 28mm scale - now available. 

September 24th: A pdf of a scenario for 1914 - Delaying Action at Landrecies by Tim Colman - is now available for download.

September 21st: New release for Soviets! Maxim HMG, Mortar, Sniper Team, PTRD-41.

September 10th: New from Gamer's Grass - Battle Ready Bases. These are beautiful and stock will not last long!

August 2nd: Two new Rubicon kits - GAZ Truck and SdKfz 222/223

July 19th: Three new Cobi kits - ME262a, Tank Mark I and a U-Boat!

July 13th: Two new Rogues for Dead Man's Hand. Calamity Jane and Jonah, The Scarred Man.

July 9th: New in this week, the new range of high quality sprays from AK Interactive.

June 26th: More anti-tank guns! Soviet 45mm M1942, ZiS-2 and ZiS3 are out today. Soviet crew will follow soon.

June 21st: New out today - Stalingrad Soviet Platoon, Command, Squad A, Squad B and Romanian Tank Hunters in Summer Uniform.

June 11th: Released today, packs for 1914 German, British, Belgian and French armies.

May 24th: Over a dozen new releases today for Hungarians and Winter Romanians, including some army deals.

May 22nd: New for Dead Man's Hand, The Hearse. Box set of hearse, horses and crew.

May 16th: New box sets from Gripping Beast, Perry, Victrix and Fireforge, plus the new Eastern Front Partisans from Crusader.

May 6th: 1914 Errata sheet is now up!

May 2nd: New pre-painted, super lovely 1914 buildings from 4Ground are available now!

April 25th: New Hungarian releases inc. a big bundle deal, tank hunters and 81mm mortar. Also, new from Company B - Humber MKIII Light Recon.

April 17th: Interview with Beasts of War at Salute

April 7th: Released on April 14th, two new gangs for Dead Man's Hand - Plains Indians and The Other Seven.

March 20th: Released today! Romanians in Winter Uniform! Command and two Rifle Squads, plus a deal for all three!

February 23rd: Out now - Hungarian Support weapons including Schwarzlose HMG, 50mm Mortar, Sniper team and Anti-tank gun crew.

February 13th: Out now - Hungarian Infantry 28mm WWII

February 7th: New release for the Romanians! The TACAM R-2 tank destroyer.

January 25th: New Perry Miniatures Zulus!

January 17th: New Rubicon kits - PaK38 with crew, PaK40 with crewM4 Sherman / Firefly ICM4 Sherman Composite / Firefly IC Hybrid

January 8th: New Stoessi's Heroes in stock!

January 3rd: New plastic Medieval Knights from Conquest Games.

December 18th: It's the new and official Dead Man's Hand facebook group!

November 30th: New TACAM T-60 Romanian tank destroyer!

November 28th: New out today: a "Kennel of Dogs". A set of five friendly dogs.


Our next show is:

October 20th/21st - Cardiff Model Railway Show

We will have the full range of 1914, Romanian, Hungarian, new Soviet figures, Dead Man's Hand and The Curse of Dead Man's Hand, The Chicago Way, Iron Cross, Gamer's Grass, Mininatur, Sword & Spear, AK Interactive, Army Painter, Broken Toad, Cobi World of Tanks, 28mm WWII and more. Please ensure that you pre-order Company B and Blitzkrieg as we will not bring these ranges because of space.

Anything else is by pre-order only. Please pre-order by 1pm Thurssday, October 18th for collection at the show using the show as the subject (e.g. Crisis pre-order) and the email address at this link. Alternatively, you may order on the website, select the "Pick up at Show" shipping option and pay for your goodies with paypal.


Our new show deals are here: Show Deals 2018.


Great Escape Games now distributing Gamer's Grass & Model Scene

Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK. Gamer's Grass specialises in tufts designed for figure, diorama and terrain basing. The range is available in eight different colours, all packed in clamshell blisters.

Model Scene manufactures high quality grass mats for scenic layouts and dioramas, plus realistic, laser-cut paper leaves and plants, and brass-etched plants.  All of these are available to see and buy on the Great Escape Games website at the links provided. If you are a hobby stockist and wish to make these wonderful products available to your customers, then get in touch with Great Escape Games at and we will set you up with a trade account.

For more information, please click this link.




Get yourself a WWII building block tank (fully compatible with other leading brands...)


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