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What's going on at Great Escape Games?


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Our next show is:

November 29th  Reveille, Bristol



We will have the full range of Dead Man's Hand, the new Dead Man's Hand releases, Clash of Empires, RoE, Gamer's Grass, Broken Toad, 28mm WWII, Testor's Dullcote, 4Ground and more. Anything else is by pre-order only. Please pre-order by Friday, November 27th noon for collection at the show using the show as the subject (e.g. Triples pre-order) and the email address at this link.


Our show deals are listed here: Show Deals 2015

Available to pre-order now! Click below for the latest!


Iron Cross is coming soon! Click below for the latest!


Great Escape Games to distribute Gamer's Grass & Model Scene

Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK. Gamer's Grass specialises in tufts designed for figure, diorama and terrain basing. The range is available in eight different colours, all packed in clamshell blisters.

Model Scene manufactures high quality grass mats for scenic layouts and dioramas, plus realistic, laser-cut paper leaves and plants, and brass-etched plants.  All of these are available to see and buy on the Great Escape Games website at the links provided. If you are a hobby stockist and wish to make these wonderful products available to your customers, then get in touch with Great Escape Games at and we will set you up with a trade account.

For more information, please click this link.




November 20th: More Bad Squiddo Games miniatures are now in the shop, specifically a couple of Celtic queens!

November 12th: New stuff in the store! First we have the Panzer III ARV Bergepanzer Conversion Kit from Company B, next we have the nascent range of Believable Female Miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games.

November 11th: Conquest Medieval Archers now in store.

November 10th: Sword & Spear is available to pre-order now!

October 31st: 4Ground's new ruined Norman church is now in the webshop.

Occtober 22nd: A bunch of new Model Scene plants and trees have been added to the shop.

October 12th: Grab a cup of tea, sit down at your painting table and have a listen to all things Iron Cross with the Meeples & Miniatures podcast!

October 8th: Loads of new Rubicon plastic vehicle kits now in the shop and available in our Three Box deal

October 7th: Added residential buildings and re-organised the DMH building section of the webshop. Also added corrugated iron from 4Ground so you can now give your building a "Down Under" feel!

September 30th: More historical plastic boxes added to the site in the Colonial and AWI sections. We now stock over 80 historical plastic box sets from most manufacturers and all items shown are in stock!

September 25th: There are nearly 40 different hobby spray paints and varnishes in our spray paint section!

September 17th: Webshop all fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

September 17th: Due to a technical issue with the website, the payment page is being redirected to our sandbox page. It is an issue with our webshop rather than paypal and there are no security implications. We hope to have this issue fixed very soon. In the meantime, we can send a paypal direct to you for the products ordered. Just email with your order.

 September 14th: All of the beautiful Broken Toad brushes and soap now back in!

September 11th: More show deals for Colours!

We will have tons of plastic box sets, inc. the entire Perry and Fireforge range of figures. These will be three £20 boxes for £50.

You can mix 'n match these, plus get any of our box sets on offer at a discount if you buy 3 or more. We will have others - Gripping Beast, Wargames Factory - so come and see us on Saturday. Turn right at the entrance, stand A25.

August 29th: Check out the article answering some of the questions about our upcoming WWII game, Iron Cross.

August 28th: Our Napoleonic section is growing with the addition of command packs!

August 27th: More Mininatur packs added, inc. Goldenrods and large packs for Desert and Winter tufts.  Back in stock - 4Ground Bleached Wood Shingles and Cart Wheel packs.

August 10th: The very wonderful Broken Toad paint brush sets are back in!

August 4th: New section added for plastic boxed sets from other periods - AWI, Napoleonic, ACW, Colonial - in the GEG store. These are also available as part of a three box bundle deal.

August 3rd: New paint set section in the webshop featuring Vallejo colours for WWII

July 9th: Premium brushes by Broken Toad now in stock!

July 8th: Army Painter paint brushes now in the GEG site!

July 7th: All the Gamer's Grass blister packs are now up on the site.

June 29th: Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK.

June 27th: New laser-etched plants in the GEG store from Model Scene, plus grass mats including Forest Base and mats with stones

June 18th: Five new Mininatur packs added!

June 16th: New in from Company B - Panzer III sIG 33, Rolls Royce Armoured Car and M8 HMC.

June 10th: We are always expanding our range of basing materials for models, dioramas and terrain, and today we add new scenic materials from 4Ground including loose foliage and leaves.

June 5th: All of the lovely Mordanburg buildings have been added to the site mainly because we just think they're ace! See them here and check out the "Streets of Mordanburg" deal.

June 3rd: DMH Prisoner Wagon Set now out!



Hello, and welcome to the new look Great Escape Games website.

We have combined both our Great Escape Games and Clash of Empires websites so that you can get all the information and news on what is happening at Great Escape Games all in one place.

Not only have we changed the look of our website but we are also changing our approach to the website.  We want to be an extension of not only our rules systems, Dead Man's Hand, Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires, but also an up to date reflection of what we are working on and towards in terms of both new publications but also hobby projects.  So as we are working towards a new source book we want people to be able to see what we are doing in the way of creating new armies, play testing, creating specific terrain etc so that everybody who is a part of our hobby can keep an eye on what we're up to and hopefully we can inspire some of you out there to pick up a paint brush and maybe start a new army or create a new bit of terrain. Well that's the hope anyway.

So what about the previous sites and the info that they had?  Well it's all still there; we've created specific Dead Man's Hand, Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires parts to the site and each has everything that the previous sites had, including all the army lists for both systems, hobby articles, battle reports, etc.

As well as that we have brought our online store up to date so that ordering any of our products should be easier than at any time before.

So there we have it, we want this front page to be a news section, letting you know what's going on at GEG and a portal to the DMH, RoE and CoE parts of the site.  Just click on any of the section headers to the left or the links within the titles of the news items to get going.  Recent news at Great Escape Games, including our blog updates, are in the section headed "What's going on at Great Escape Games?" to the right of this page.