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“Today comrades we begin the liberation of the oppressed workers who have slaved for longyears under their fascist German overlords. Soon the glorious Peoples Red Army will sweep awaythese puppets of the Imperialist Yankees and establish a workers paradise that the rest of theEuropean continent will willingly embrace. As we begin on this great endeavour let us be mindfulof the objective and the name of our great Crusade. Comrades, Seven Days to the River Rhine!”

Message from the CinC Soviet Group Forces in Germany


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New Stalingrad Germans!


1914: Rulebook and miniatures now available 



Latest News:


March 15th: New Army Painter tool and hobby basing range is in stock!

March 14th: Pre-order Seven Days to the River Rhine and preview the rules here.

March 13th: Baggage and Passenger Wagons released for the 4Ground Steam Locomotive

March 8th: Tons of new Army Painter tools and basing goodies added, plus the stunning new Celtic chariots from Victrix.

March 1st: Released this weekend, the first sets of our German Stalingrad Veterans in Winter Uniform.

February 26th: New Rubicon items! Kettenkrad, Kubelwagen, Goliath and Michael Wittmann.

February 14th: Loads of new Japanese items from Company B.

February 7th: New Stoessi's Heroes! US Airborne Lieutenant Colonel – Benjamin Vandervoort, and, the most dangerous man in Europe - Otto Skorzeny

February 5th: The Legend of Dead Man's Hand is out of print but will return late March.

January 25th: From Company B - Japanese Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank and Daihatsu Landing Barge, Romanian R-1 Light Tank and Soviet Regimental Artillery 76mm 

January 18th: New in! AK Interactive True Metal Paints.

January 2nd: Released today, Romanian 47mm Bohler AT Gun with Crew in Summer Uniform. Crew and gun also available separately.

December 17th: More new goodies in time for Xmas! Soviet Assault Engineers and Italian Solothurn AT Rifle.

December 15th: Anti-tank Guns with Soviet crew are released today. 45mm, ZiS-2 57mm, ZiS-3 76mm and M1939 F22 76mm guns.

Also, bundle deals and an Army Builder deal added for Soviets.

December 12th: More new Winter Romanians! Anti-tank Gun Crew II and Bohler 47mm AT Gun. Plus we have added Army Builder deals for Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Italians.

December 11th: Tons of new WW2 Winter Italians! Plus an Army Builder deal!

December 4th: New WWII Stuff! Hungarian Rocket Launcher from Company B, Italian Breda MMG, Italian 81mm Mortar, Italian 45mm Mortar

November 29th: More new things from 4Ground! Blacksmith's Furnace and Carpenter's Equipment.

November 27th: More new DMH buildings. Red Barn & Stable Set, Harper's Dry Goods, New Railroad Tracks

November 23rd: A train and new buildings for Dead Man's Hand - Train (Red)Train (Black), Lime White Stables, Red Barn

November 22nd: Three new Stoessi's Heroes - Canadian Pte. Leo Major, Yevdokiya Zavaliy "Frau Black Death", German Hauptmann Gunther Viezenz

November 19th: Released today! Winter Italian Platoon, Command, Squad A and Squad B. More Italian releases next month!

November 16th: Hungarian Army Builder deal added.

November 15th: New Winter Italians! Pre-order now, shipping from November 19th.



Our next show is:

April 6th - Salute, London

We will have the full range of 1914, Seven Days to the River Rhine, Romanian, Hungarian, new Soviet and German figures, plus our new ranges of WWII figures for the Greco-Italian War, Dead Man's Hand and The Curse of Dead Man's Hand, The Chicago Way, Iron Cross, Gamer's Grass, Mininatur, Sword & Spear, AK Interactive, Army Painter, Broken Toad, Cobi World of Tanks, plastic box sets and more. Please ensure that you pre-order Company B and Blitzkrieg as we will not bring these ranges because of space.

Anything else is by pre-order only. Please pre-order by 4pm Wednesday, April 3rd for collection at the show using the show as the subject (e.g. Crisis pre-order) and the email address at this link. Alternatively, you may order on the website, select the "Pick up at Show" shipping option and pay for your goodies with paypal.


Our new show deals are here: Show Deals 2019.


Great Escape Games now distributing Gamer's Grass & Model Scene

Great Escape Games has teamed up with Model Scene and Gamer's Grass to offer hobbyists the best in basing material and make these products available to stockists in the UK. Gamer's Grass specialises in tufts designed for figure, diorama and terrain basing. The range is available in eight different colours, all packed in clamshell blisters.

Model Scene manufactures high quality grass mats for scenic layouts and dioramas, plus realistic, laser-cut paper leaves and plants, and brass-etched plants.  All of these are available to see and buy on the Great Escape Games website at the links provided. If you are a hobby stockist and wish to make these wonderful products available to your customers, then get in touch with Great Escape Games at and we will set you up with a trade account.

For more information, please click this link.




Get yourself a WWII building block tank (fully compatible with other leading brands...)


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