StuG IV mit Schürzen

StuG IV mit Schürzen


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The StuG IV was a combination of the Panzer IV chassis and a modified StuG III superstructure. Following the Battle of Kursk, Hitler received reports that in many cases StuG III’s had performed better than Panzer IV’s. He wanted production of Panzer IV’s to be stopped and all efforts to be switched to producing “Panzerjager IV’s”. These were to be produced by Vomag, but following design alterations production of the new Jagdpanzer IV was delayed and all attention was turned to StuG III production to fill the gap. Allied bombing of the Alkett factories meant that StuG III production was crippled for November and December 1943. A new StuG IV, featuring a StuG III Ausf. G superstructure on a Panzer IV chassis 7, was then approved by Hitler and production began immediately. The model is incredibly detailed and comes with additional track sections and two crew figures.