The Complete Dead Man's Hand Offer

The Complete Dead Man's Hand Offer

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2 x Dead Man's Hand rule book and card deck, 2 x markers and 2 x dice sets.

2 x Legends of Dead Man's Hand book and card deck.

2 x Dead Man's Hand Down Under book and card deck.

One of each of the following DMH buildings:

  • Main 1, 2 & 3
  • Side 1, 2 & 3
  • Railroad Station
  • Sassy Gal Saloon
  • Livery Stable
  • Sheriff's
  • Marshal's
  • Undertaker's
  • Rogan's Bar and add-on Bunkhouse
  • Bank
  • Church
  • Hardware Store
  • Land Office
  • Gallows
  • Dentistry/Attorney at Law
  • Red Barn
  • Lime White Stables
  • Single and double storey buildings under construction.

One of each of the following gangs

  • Lawmen, Outlaws, Desperados, Cowboys
  • 7th Cavalry, Pinkertons, Banditos, Renegade Indians
  • State Police, Bushrangers, Kelly Gang, DMH Citizens
  • Daughters of the West, The Seven, The Other Seven
  • Mountain Men, The Tong, Plains Indians

Rogues and Civilian Sets:

  • Undertaker's, Rogan's Bar, Bank and Gallow's Figure Sets
  • Pillars of the Community Set I and Set II
  • John Bridges, Ely Fergus, Wild Bill, Tex Miller
  • Buckshot Roberts, Jon Pain, Roy Magnum
  • Delores Wood, Maeve Newton, Calamity Jane
  • Jonah the Scarred Man, Doc Amos, Rev Johnson

One of each set of casualties. One set of cacti, Medium and Large Covered Baggage, Baggage for 19th Century Cart.

More 4Ground vehicles, buildings, accessories:

  • Pre-painted Windmill, Water Tower, Railroad Tracks
  • Boardwalks, Pre-painted Sub Base A & Boardwalk
  • 2 x Pre-painted Sub Base B & Boardwalk, Pre-painted Long Boardwalks
  • Pre-painted Horse Hitches & Sign Posts, Pre-painted Stairs & Boardwalk
  • Pre-painted Thunderbox toilets, Pre-painted timber outhouse and WC 
  • Yard panel fencing and yard panel fencing with gates. Weathered wood fence and grave boards 
  • Flat Bed Wagon, 19th Century Cart, 
  • DMH Wagon Set, DMH Stagecoach Set, DMH Hearse Set
  • Steam Locomotive and Car


  • Set of dead, unbridled and a set of riderless horses
  • Snakes, Vultures, Dogs
  • Hogs, Sheep, Coyotes, Goats

Pre-painted 4Ground furniture:

  • chairs, small tables, pallet beds, gun cabinet
  • office desk, rocking chairs, straight and corner counters
  • single and double bed (wood), grandfather clock, chest of drawers
  • wardrobe, sideboard, welsh dresser, stools
  • large table, bookshelf, safe.

Mixed Green, Dry and Beige Gamer's Grass packs.

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