Phoolan Devi - Armed Vigilante - Bad Squiddo

Phoolan Devi - Armed Vigilante - Bad Squiddo


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Phoolan Devi is sometimes referred to as "The Indian Robin Hood". A lady who rose from poverty, through abuse and gangfights and came out a politician championing equality. She unfortunately met her end by assassination, as not everybody likes the idea of equality, sadly.

Not wishing to upset or depress the readers, I won't go into too much detail, but if you are interested, there are some great books, a film, and various accounts online that do so. To summerise, she suffered abuse from many men at many different points. One day, she gathered up a group of her trusted men, had twenty two of her abusers (including associates) lined up and shot dead in Behmai - the village where she had been held captive. This went on to be known as The Behmai Massacre.

Phoolan handed herself in to the police and was eventually pardoned of the forty eight charges. She went on to become a politician for the Samajwadi Party and spent the rest of her life fighting the injustice of the caste system. Unfortunately that was not too long, as she was shot outside her home in 2001.

I chose to make not one but THREE Phoolan Devi figures, as the story really touched me, and I want more people to know about her. Despite it being an overly and obviously depressing story, there are good parts to take from it, in the sense of a woman who STILL persevered after all that (read the autobiography, it's just thing after thing) and went onto fight to make the world a better place for others. A name and story to share for sure.

And of course, she looks cool as heck! There are some amazing photos if you "google" around.

Naturally, you don't need to use these figures to represent Phoolan herself (or recreate The Behmai Massacre, there's dark gaming and then there's dark gaming) they would fit in all sorts of games as various characters and troops.

Each figure is 28mm scale, metal and sculpted by Alan Marsh (who got an educational DVD along with the brief!)



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