The Expert Painter's Thumb Palette

The Expert Painter's Thumb Palette


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The expert painter's thumb pallete is for close work and detail painting. Worn on the thumb or forefinger, the thumb pallete allows you to keep the model, brush and paint very close so that you don't lose your focus on the detail you are painting. Also excellent for painters who like to use blending techniques as a small amount of water can be kept on the pallete and utilised to attain realistic effects with the paint on the figure. Also useful for those of you who just use your hand as a drybrushing aid and hate having to scrub it afterwards! 

The pallete is 40mm x 40mm in size and comes with two sample pallete-sized sheets of blotting paper. Put blotting paper onto the pallete then apply water. Cut a pallete-sized piece of baking/greaseproof paper and place this onto your moistened blotting paper. This wet pallete effect will keep your paint moist.

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