The Legend of Dead Man's Hand - Starting a Gang

"So, you think you can just move out west and stake a claim? Or maybe you think you're gonna make a name for yourself. There are thousands that think they can make it. Most are fated to live a life of daily struggle or an early grave, destitute or diseased."


Starting gangs in the Legend of Dead Man's Hand are fragile but determined. The "gunhand" class of character from the gang profiles are not available to gangs in the campaign system; you have to develop your own legendary gunslinger! A typical gang will be the boss and two dudes. Don't get kileld too cheaply; if you get a pasting in early games you'll only be able to replcae them with amateurs. If you do better you can quite quickly add dudes to your band, enabling you to support more business (or criminal) schemes.

The most important aspect of starting a gang is to give them cool names. Men with cool names do better on the tabletop. 

Next step is to generate a common scheme - there are specific gang schemes available as the campaign progresses - from which your boys will generate an income, and which is bound to get them into all manner of scrapes with rivals. 

Before we go on, it's important to talk about how to win the campaign. 

“Many men have come to DeadMan’s Hand with ideas of gloryand wealth beyond their speedand ability with a gun. Othershave come looking for a simplelife, maybe trying to escape a darkpast and have brought a smallamount of peace and tranquility tothe streets, for a while at least.”

The objective of our Dead Man’s Hand gang bosses is to reach theirgoal. This goal can be whatever you choose it to be: to retire to a life full of peace and many grandchildren;to become the father of the town or even the region through economics or fear; to elevate yourself to theUnited States senate, along with all the attached backhanders and privileges; to run a farm of a thousandhead of cattle over a vast acreage; or to simply go out in a blaze of glory and become the subject of a majormotion picture a hundred years or so later. The list is only limited to the narrative that you imagine.

In game terms, once a gang reach 31 Reputation at the end of an "act", it wins the campaign. Reputation is gained through winning games, expanding your gang, gaining experience and managing your schemes.