German Sturmpioniere Squad (Great Escape Games)


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German squad of 9 x 28mm figures. More info



These figures represent a pioneer squad of the German Army of WW2 in summer uniforms. Suitable for any period of WWII.

Armed with:

  • NCO with PPsH and Geballte Ladung anti-tank grenade
  • MG Gunner (with Gurttrommel drum magazine)
  • MG Assistant with Kar98
  • Pionere with Kar98
  • Pionere with Kar98 and Tellermine 35
  • Pionere with Kar98 and 3kg Demolition Charge
  • Pionere with MP40 and detonator
  • Pionere rigging wire fuse
  • Pionere with Kar98 and Hafthohlladung, or "Panzerknacker"

Weight for shipping is 180g. See Customer Service page (link at bottom of page) for full postage rates. Sculpted by Michael Percy. Painted by Artmaster Studios - basing by GEG.