The Curse of Dead Man's Hand "The Ungodly Horde" - Limited Edition


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All of the creepy beasties and characters in The Curse of Dead Man's Hand!. Forty three 28mm miniatures. More info

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Limited Edition Boxed Set. 


  1. "The Baron" 12 figure box set
  2. The Malevolent Seven 7 figure box set
  3. Wendigo 2 models
  4. Cannibal Dwarves 3 models
  5. A Murder of Crows 10 models
  6. Corpse Carrion 3 models
  7. Haunted Bear 1 model
  8. Storm Crow 1 model
  9. Dread Wolves 3 models
  10. Cursed Reverend 1 model

Models supplied unpainted. You need a copy of The Curse of Dead Man's Hand to use these gangs and gribblies..

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