Dead Man's Hand "Daughters of the West"

Dead Man's Hand "Daughters of the West"


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In a society that often treats them as a commodity or a mere plaything, some women have a strength of character that rejects a world of inequality at the barrel of a gun. Whether their former lives have been blighted by murder, servitude or dispossession, these “Daughters of the West” drive their own destiny in spite of the Old West’s misogyny and oppression. In a fight for natural justice, some may break the laws of men; in a fight for vengeance, some may break the laws of God.

Boxed gang of Female Gunfighters including rules card and bases. You will need a copy of "The Good" for the rules and cards. This new book is released late June 2024. Rules for the Daughters of the West in the interim are available here; click on the image below.

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