ZIL-157 Kaťuša BM-13 (2479) Cobi Small Army WWII

ZIL-157 Kaťuša BM-13 (2479) Cobi Small Army WWII


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Build the Russian rocket launcher Katyusha BM-13!

The set includes 415 pieces, 2 figures and accessories. It features a mounted on trucks, artillery tractors, tanks, and armoured trains self propelled rocket artillery, able to deliver a large blow all at once. This weapon was less accurate than conventional artillery guns, but extremely effective in saturation bombardment and was particularly feared by German soldiers. This COBI block tank model is equipped with many movable parts. Reinforce your troops with Small Army tanks, planes, helicopters, military trucks or take command of a military battleship and create your own army with COBI blocks.

A great addition to the extended COBI Small Army collection. 


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