Baggy the Bag (Immortan) - Bad Squiddo

Baggy the Bag (Immortan) - Bad Squiddo


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He is roughly 35-40mm tall. Made out of high quality resin in two parts, so will require assembly (take the usual resin precautions!) He comes unpainted, display model in the main picture is by Workbench Warriors

So now the boring bits are out of the way…. what’s going on?! What is this?! Well this is Baggy, official Bad Squiddo mascot, but kinda the boss, kinda the tea maker too. Boundaries are blurry here. He yells at me, but I pay him, I guess he’s the manager.

Anyway, this model in particular...

Much like the cockroach he is, Baggy survived the series of atomic blasts that destroyed most of the life on the planet. Whilst the remaining humans such as the Ghosts of Gaia hid underground, awaiting the radiation levels to fall, he could roam the wasteland freely.

The respirator is not required for any fallout purposes, oh no, he's needed this for years because of his lifetime of chain smoking. It's not good for you kids, don't do it.


Weighs 120g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.