zzShieldmaiden zzBerserkers (4) Bad Squiddozzz

zzShieldmaiden zzBerserkers (4) Bad Squiddozzz


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These ladies are filled with fury and redemption and will hack and slash in a blind rage at anybody in the path of their whirlwind of destruction. Fuelled by adrenaline, they sometimes struggle to tell friend from foe, and are often seen quivering, frothing and gnashing their teeth, sometimes biting their gnarled teeth down onto shields, weapons and whatever else is to hand.

The Shieldmaiden collection from Bad Squiddo Games will all be made with care and attention to believability as well as coolness. They are female troops who just want to go to battle without falling out of chainmail bikinis or thigh high skirt slits. Annie/The Dice Bag Lady is currently pouring over tonnes of books for inspiration, as well as historical help from various people, including Frank Shandy of The Raft.

This unit is sculpted (and will be painted) by Mystic Spirals. They are cast in metal unpainted and unassembled, with a 25mm round base. The berserkers are slightly larger at 28mm-30mm from bottom of the feet to the eyes, but fit in with other ranges (including my own), reflecting the variety of sizes of people (these are big and crazy!)


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