Shieldmaiden Fighters (4) Bad Squiddo

Shieldmaiden Fighters (4) Bad Squiddo


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Almost a year from the original pack which started it all, sculpted Phil Hynes wanted to re imagine the first four characters – Lathgertha, Freydis, Hervor and Borghild – into a variant pack.

As with the other packs of shieldmaidens, these can either be used as a single rear kicking ladies gang, or mixed in with the chaps. Also they work well in fantasy and dungeon crawling games.

This pack of four models are 28-30mm to the eyes, supplied in metal, come unassembled & unpainted.

Sculpted by Phil Hynes. Example painting by Paul Cubbin!


Weighs 190g including packaging. See our Customer Service page for details of postage rates.