Great news! We are now registered for Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) for customers within the EU.

Where the IOSS scheme is used, no import VAT will be collected by Customs at the point of importation. Customers will, instead, pay the VAT due on the goods at the time of placing their order.

What are the benefits of IOSS to me as the customer?

Customers will avoid having to pay any further tax or customs charges upon delivery of the goods. This should make the customs process much quicker and thereby avoid any delays in your order being delivered to you.

When you place your online order, the total value must not exceed €150, as this is the limit set by the EU for the IOSS scheme. This roughly equates to £130. If you wish to place an order exceeding €150 (£130), please get in touch with us beforehand so we can discuss the options available.

Further details can be found below