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RoE Tank Cards

These excellent tank cards were produced by Craig Maksimik, they're fantastic giving details for various vehicles as well as a picture and the tanks weapons stats all in one place.

Thanks again to Craig for his work on these, hopefully we'll see more in the future.

   RoE Tanks Cards

Alternate Panzer IV's

Stats for some of the earlier Panzer IV's, mostly obsolete by the time of the Normandy invasion but still in service in small numbers.

   Alternate Panzer IV's


Blank OOB/Reference sheet

This download contains blank OOB and Vehicle reference tables, you can then simply fill in the details of your force from the rule book and have all the info in one place!

     Blank Reference sheet.


Weapons tables and Appendix file

Below are a series of links to the weapons pages for the OOB in Rules of engagement as well as the Appendix file from the book as a download. Please feel free to download and print these files for personal use.

Allied Weapons' tables

    British and Canadian weapons table.


   US weapons table.


   Maquis weapons table.


    Soviet weapons table.


German Weapons' tables


     German weapons table.


Appendix file


    The pages from the appendix.