Valentine Mk. IIIc

Valentine Mk. IIIc


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The Valentine utilised the A10 Cruiser chassis, suspension and engine and armed with a 2pdr gun and coaxial Besa machinegun. It was reliable and popular, though too slow to be a cruiser and toll lightly armoured to be a good infantry tank. They served in North Africa, Burma and the Pacific, and over a thousand were used by Soviet forces on the Eastern front from the Battle of Moscow to the end of the war. By 1943 they were obsolete, the turret without the size to mount a larger gun, and so were used in secondary duties. The Mk IIIc designation indicates that this is a close support variant with a 3" howitzer replacing the 6pdr. This superb kit comes with extra stowage - jerry cans, ammo crates, bedrolls - and a commander.