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Welcome to the Great Escape Games online store.  Below you can find a series of images which link you to the various categories of products within the store.  Above you can find a navigation bar which gives you the same information whether this is a general category like Books, where all the books published by us can be found; or a more specific category such as British Airborne, where all the British Airborne minitures can be found.  If you have any difficulty finding what you're looking for please use the search function in the right hand column or for a more detailed search use the Advanced Search function at the bottom of the page.

We charge a minimum shipping rate of £1.20 for the UK and EU and £2.50 Rest of the World (RotW).  However, orders in the UK consisting solely of books ship free.  We charge a shipping fee based on the approximate weight of your order and destination.  Orders over £100 ship free worldwide. Courier charges may apply. For a full list of shipping rates follow the link:  Shipping Rates.

 Seven Days to the River Rhine


Cold War gaming.




WWI gaming.

 The Chicago Way

Prohibition era gaming.



 Iron Cross

 WWII wargaming in miniature.


 Dead Man's Hand

Everything for the Old West.




Miniatures for many historical periods.




Rule books published by Great Escape Games and others.


Tanks & Vehicles 28mm

Kits from Rubicon and Company B.


Basing Materials

A huge range of materials to add extra detail to your miniatures' bases and for making terrain.




Decals for infantry and vehicles.





Buildings and terrain accessories.



Vehicle Crew/Accessories


Crew and additions for WWII vehicles.




A growing range of specialist hobby materials.


Cobi Small Army - WWII

Lego-like building block kits that look like your favourite WWII tanks!


AK Interactive Diorama Series


The new range of premium diorama and basing products.





 AK Interactive Weathering


Weathering pencils, pigments and enamel liquids.

Gamer's Grass Generation II

The new sheets for the ever popular Gamer's Grass


Gamer's Grass Battle Ready Bases

Pre-painted, grassed and flowered bases.