Late War OOB's

British Airlanding Platoon OOB.

This is Order of Battle represents British, Canadian or Polish airlanding troops. This is a large file so please allow a few minutes for it to download.

     British Airlanding platoon OOB.


German Low Grade Platoon OOB.

This is Order of Battle represents the various Low Grade German forces encountered by the Allies on the both the East and Western Fronts. 

     German Low Grade Platoon OOB.


British Motor Scout Platoon OOB 1944.

Following the British Motor platoons we have now added the OOB for the British Motor Scout Platoon for you to use in your RoE games.


     British Motor Scout Platoon OOB.


British Motor Platoon OOB 1944.

All the info you need to use British Motor platoons in your RoE games.

     British Motor Platoon OOB.



Soviet Rifle Platoon Order of Battle

We have updated the Soviet Rifle platoon order of battle here, this is directly from the Eastern front, Operation Bagration to the Fall of the Reich, sourcebook. Please feel free to download and print this file for personal use. This file contains the Order of Battle as well as the Divisional support and weapons tables.

     Soviet Rifle Platoon OOB.