DEAD MAN'S HAND and LEGEND OF DEAD MAN'S HAND Clarification and Errata

We have had couple of things come up on the forum and at shows, etc., when people talk to us about Dead Man’s Hand and the Legend of Dead Man’s Hand. The notes below should clarify those things and also give the rules for Carbines, which are missing from the Legend of Dead Man’s Hand.  Click on the link in the image below for more information.



Some handy sheets for your campaign games: summary of a campaign turn, the stats for the gangs in LoDMH and a roster.

DMH Campaign Turn     pdf     pdf
  Campaign Turn          LoDMH Gangs           Gang Roster


Two 'rules plus scenarios' pdf's for you to download! Firstly, we have Citizen gangs accompanied by a mysterious and brooding stranger! Also, a Civil War era pdf, "Ride with the Devil", with two gangs involved in guerilla warfare. The cards for all three of these gangs may be bought as a set here.

pdf     pdf
       Citizens                Ride With the Devil


Click the image below for rules on how to use Doc Amos in your Dead Man's Hand gang!

Doc Amos

DEAD MAN'S HAND Sample Pages

Click on the links below to preview pages from the DMH books.

DMH pdf     preview     DMH pdf     DMH pdf


DEAD MAN'S HAND Building Signage

Just download the pdf (they are big files), set your Page Scaling to "Shrink to Printable Area", load some thick paper/thin card, print it off and cut the signs out. We'll be adding more of these as we dream up some new businesses for the town of Dead Man's Hand.

DMH Signs 1     DMH Signs 2     DMH Signs 3     Blank Signs

DEAD MAN'S HAND Quick Reference Sheets

Click on the link below to download the QRS in modern metric or true, 19th century Imperial measurements. Also found here is a handy reference sheet for all of the gangs including their stats and special rules.

The Complete QRS and Complete Gang QRS are comprehensive reference sheets courtesy of Jay White at

QRS      QRS      QRS      QRS      QRS

Metric                           Imperial                       The Gangs                 Complete QRS            Complete Gang QRS


Click on the link below to download the markers from the DMH rule book, or get all civilised and buy a set of the lovely ones in our shop: link