Early Successors vs Achaemenid Persians

Just one photo from a tense game against Ian Scovell’s lovely Persians.  I played with the Alexandrian Macedonian list (2700 pts) from Rise and Fall of Persia, with the following:


Strategos – Army General, Mounted                                                                       60pts

Hipparch – Mounted                                                                                                  65pts

Taxiarch                                                                                                                        55pts


24 Phalangites – Lt Armour, Shield, Sarissa, Drilled, Trained Phalanx         408pts

24 Phalangites – Lt Armour, Shield, Sarissa, Drilled, Trained Phalanx         408pts

24 Phalangites – Lt Armour, Shield, Sarissa, Trained Phalanx                       384pts

24 Phalangites – Lt Armour, Shield, Sarissa, Trained Phalanx                       384pts


10 Companions – Heavy Armour, Xyston, Drilled, Wedge                               420pts


10 Skythian Cavalry – Composite Bow, Feigned Flight, Scouts                      260pts

12 Cretan Archers – Self Bow, Buckler                                                              168pts

12 Skirmishers – Javelins                                                                                        84pts

As is usual with this army, I use the phalanx in one virtually unbroken line, relentlessly rolling forward.  The Cretans and skirmishing javelinmen support either flank.  The Companions always operate directly behind the phalanx until they’re ready to come out, usually with the Skythians screening them.  By not committing my heavy horse early I kept Ian guessing as to their intentions.

Ian’s army was rather huge and daunting, with two big blocks of levy, some Persian infantry, a regiment of Immortals, light horse, Greek mercenary hoplites and skirmishers.  My intention was to harass his right and centre and smash his left, comprising levies and the Greek mercenaries, and thus winning the battle.

The photo shows the game at turn 5 on the Persian left after the levies and some Persian foot were routed. On the right I had dealt with the Persian horsemen, but my companions had been dealt with rather roughly by the barbarians.  With one phalanx of enemy hoplites isolated, my phalangites engaged them, hoping to destroy them before the Immortals were able to influence the situation.  With the Persian flank in tatters, I was unfortunate not to defeat the mercenaries decisively; they managed to hold on and were slowly pushed back and this actually saved them from being outflanked by my ponderous phalangites.


With their eventual defeat, I foolishly refused to fall back with the phalangites out of picture on my left, allowing his second block of hoplites to defeat them.  This sent my Skythians into a panic rescuing a draw for the barbarians.

Once again I had fallen victim to my own ambition to utterly vanquish the enemy rather than to grasp the victory already in my hands!