Clash of Empires Hobby Blog

The links below all lead to various hobby projects for Clash of Empires that we have been working on.  As all gamers know, painted soldiers perform better on the tabletop than unpainted ones. It's just a scientific fact and mathematical certainty. The dice gods respect painted armies and frown upon heretical, lazy or impatient players that don't treat their armies with love and care.

Click on the link in the image in each case to see what we've been up to.


Painted Agema Miniatures Velites

Perfect for Republican or Later Hellenistic/Successor armies, I had to get my brush onto a couple of these new plastic figures.


Painted Conquest Norman Infantry

We liked these, so we had to paint a unit.


Conquest Norman Infantry

The latest plastic box set to hit the streets is Norman Infantry from Conquest Games to accompany their rather nice Norman Cavalry set. Over the next few days I am going to assemble and paint a few of the figures so we can all have a good look at them. 


Early Successors vs Achaemenid Persians

Just one photo from a tense game against Ian Scovell’s lovely Persians.  I played with the Alexandrian Macedonian list (2700 pts) from Rise and Fall of Persia,


Victrix Athenian Hoplites

I managed to get my eager paws on a sprue of Victrix Athenian Hoplites, scheduled for release in the first week of June. In the first of a number of articles on this release we look at the sprue. Click on the picture below for the lowdown.



Breton Cavalry

As an addition to an already existing Norman army, we have been painting a unit of Conquest Games plastic Norman knights as a contingent of allied Breton cavalry.  This unit has now been finished and you can see the details by clicking on the picture below.  Includes random ramblings!



Painting Bjorn

Steve Saleh's magnificent sculpt of a Dark Age Warlord as painted by Stu at Great Escape Games.

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