2cm FlaK 30 with SdAh 51/52 (Rubicon Models)

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Plastic model kit

ABS plastic cement required

2cm FlaK 30 with SdAh 51/52 Trailer

Anti-Aircraft Gun

 The FlaK 30 (Flugzeugabwehrkanone 30) and improved Flak 38 were 20mm anti-aircraft guns used by various German forces throughout World War Two.  It was not only the primary German light anti-aircraft gun, but by far the most numerously produced German artillery piece throughout the war.  It was produced in a variety of models, notably the Flakvierling 38 which combined four Flak 38 autocannons onto a single carriage.  A total of over 8,000 were built between 1934 and 1945.

 Product Highlights:

- With or without gun shield

- Gun can be assembled in tow or operating position

- SdAh 51/52 can be assembled as an ammo or gun trailer

- 4 figures (gunner, spotter and loaders) included

 Product Code: 280109

Number of Parts: 69 pieces / 2 sprues