Samurai Cavalry Plastic Box Set (WGF)

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Plastic box set of 12 Samurai Cavalry. Wargames Factory 28mm miniatures require assembly and are supplied unpainted. More info



This box set may be used to build 12 Later Samurai cavalry for a 16th century Feudal Japanese army. Weapon options include yari (spear), wakashimi and katana (swords), and sashimono. Bases are included.  

There is now a Late Samurai army list for Clash of Empires available in the Medieval section:

Medieval Army Lists

Options include:

  • Up to 12 Spear men (10 yari & 2 naginata).
  • Up to 6 bowman.
  • War fan and drawn sword options for officer.
  • New heads and datemono (helmet devices).
  • 12 Sashimono (flags worn on the back).  
  • 6 Horo (protective "cloak" tied to the back).
  • Sode (shoulder armour) for all 12 riders.
  • 12 bases 25mm x 50mm x 2mm. 

Each box weighs 250g for P&P purposes so postage charges for a single one to the UK will be  £2.50, £3.50 to EU, £4.50 RotW; please refer to the Customer Service page (link at the bottom of this page) for postage rates.