Platoon Pledge - GEGStarter Bulgaria - Released Feb. 22nd, 2021

£40.00  £35.00

Availability: Restock expected, available to order.




Join us to get a range of 28mm WWII Bulgarian infantry onto your gaming tables!

We invite you to spread the word and pledge for our GEGStarter to produce an initial range of 20 figures and extend that range to 40 figures. All we ask is that 30 gamers pledge for this project to unlock the full 40 figures. If there is interest in a WWII Bulgarian range in 28mm out there, we’re ready to make 40 different figures.

Pictured are the first 3 of rifleman sculpts by Andrew Ellis to give you a flavour of what to expect. These are subject to modification (we’d appreciate feedback on the helmets) but are very close to the Rifles I pack listed below.

The plan is to fund a range of 28mm Bulgarian infantry for WWII. We commit to doing the following:

  • Platoon Command – 4 figs (officer, medic, runner w/rifle, NCO with smg)
  • Rifles I – 4 figs
  • Rifles II – 4 figs
  • NCO’s – 4 figs (2 with smg, 2 with rifle)
  • LMG Teams – 4 figs

That’s 20 figures. Weapons are Mannlicher rifles, Madsen LMG’s and the odd ZK-383 smg (2 of the NCO’s plus the NCO in the platoon command). We’re asking you to provide some backing so that we can produce more figures. 

£35 – Platoon (24 figures): Command (4 figs), 2 x LMG Team (4 figs), NCO’s (4 figs), Rifles (12 figs)

If reach our goal of 20 pledge points (Platoon level pledge is 1 point, Full Platoon level pledge is 2 points), we will start adding stretch goals to reach the full 40 figure range.

Stretch Goals:
  • Rifles III – 4 figs (these will then be in GEGStarter pledge levels)
  • HMG Team – 3 figs with Schwarzlose HMG
  • Mortar Team – 3 figs with 81mm Mortar
  • Anti-tank Gun Crew – 4 figures (you may also add our existing PaK38, PaK97/38 or Bofors 37mm ATG’s)
  • Sniper/AT Rifle Teams – 2 man sniper team, 2 man Solothurn AT rifle team
  • 50mm Mortar Team – 2 figs with 50mm Mortar