The Legend of Dead Man's Hand - Schemes

Driven and enterprising men in the Old West won their fame (or infamy) through ruthless exploitation of people and resources. In the Legend of Dead Man’s Hand, gangs participate in business, political and criminal schemes to increase their influence and wealth, represented by their Reputation score. At the start of the campaign, when the gang is first generated, the player determines which scheme his gang is involved in. Additional schemes may be “purchased” as the campaign progresses.

A gang must always have at least one scheme on its roster. If the gang finds itself with no schemes, itimmediately generates a fresh one. In order to win the campaign, a gang must have at least three operableschemes.

Schemes cover all the sorts of businesses in the Wild West: saloons - ranches, mines, gunsmiths, saloons - plus some specific to particular gangs. Your gang may not necessarily directly own and operate a scheme; you may be a silent partner or just a friend or relation, or perhaps you have some sort of hold over the proprietor. Schemes can also take other guises, such as political influence, criminal enterprises and even the sowing of terror in  the local populace!

Following an "act" of three scenes, each player checks what kind of income or reputation his schemes have each generated over the period. This increases the gang's Rep and can even affect future games or screw over the opposition!