Ready Mixed Weathering Liquid In 18ml plastic pots A range of ready mixed dyes from ModelMates, just paint them on (or apply with an airbrush) and when dry smudge/remove with a damp cotton cloth or cotton bud to give desired effect. Water-soluble and translucent dye that makes things look dirty, old and weathered. Being water soluble means that it can be made wet again using just water, even if it has been left to dry for months. There is no acrylic & no resin in the mixture, nothing to make it go permanently hard. Apply to a non porous surface like plastic, let dry, then smudge and wipe using a damp cotton bud or tissue to create great weathered effects. Wipe off a surface, but leave weathering liquid trapped in panel lines and projections such as stanchions making them look dirty. Weathering liquid will always be water soluble and will never fully harden. Being translucent means that it does not cover or obscure like an acrylic paint, after weathering liquid has dried you can still see through it to the surface underneath. Rich concentrated colours that can be applied neat, straight from the jar using a paint brush or air brush spray. To weaken the colour, dilute with water or spirits. Dilute with water to make a colour wash or water colour paint that can be brushed on. You can add 4 or 5 times as much water as weathering liquid and get delicate shades. The more water used, the lighter and fainter the shade gets. When water is added, weathering liquid dries more slowly. Dilute with spirits and the mixture dries fast leaving a water soluble matt surface coating. Use on many types of materials such as plastic, card, wood, plaster and metal. For interior use mainly, but can be used externally if sealed with a suitable fine matt varnish. Before each use shake the jar until the ball bearing rattles, then shake for at least 15 seconds more. The liquid will be shiny if the jar is not full shaken. Shake again if the jar has been standing for more than 5 minutes. The jar should be at room temperature, if the liquid is cold the dye will not mix properly. Caution, weathering liquid is a solvent and can damage some surfaces. To protect a surface, such as paintwork, apply a matt varnish spray before applying Weathering Liquid. Before use, always test on hidden surfaces to check that weathering liquid causes no damage or staining. Porous surfaces such as paper or unpainted plaster will absorb the ink and be permanently stained, however, the effect can look really good. More details, reviews and tutorials on the Modelmates site: Here is a particularly nice tutorial:

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